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Hardsurfacing Electrodes


Service Conditions                                      Electrodes Type                     

For severe abrasion with slight impact         
                                                                      Abrasur 610
                                                                      Abrasur 610LH
                                                                      Abrasur 43
                                                                      Abrasur 45
                                                                      Abrasur 750LH
                                                                      Abrasur 716

For severe impact with slight abrasion   
                                                                         Wipweld Mangansteel
                                                                         Wipweld Ni-Mangansteel

For severe abrasion with severe impact
                                                                      Build up with Wipweld Mangansteel or  
                                                                      Wipweld Ni-Mangansteel and apply top
                                                                      layer/s Abrasur 610, Abrasur 610LH,
                                                                      Abrasur 43, Abrasur 45,       
                                                                      Abrasur 750LH,  Abrasur 716

For medium abrasion with medium impact   
                                                                      Abrasur 380
                                                                      Abrasur 280LH
                                                                      Wipweld Railrod
                                                                      Abrasur 400 LH

For medium abrasion with severe impact  
                                                                      Wipweld Mangachrom
                                                                      Wipweld Mangansteel
                                                                      Wipweld Ni-Mangansteel
For metal to metal wear or rolling friction   
                                                                       Wipweld Railrod
                                                                      Abrasur 280LH
                                                                      Abrasur 380
                                                                      Abrasur 400LH

For abrasion and corrosion resistance at     

                                                                Wipweld Mangachrom or  high temperatture    Wipweld 312
                                                                     (refer to Stainless Steel category for               
                                                                      technical specs)

For hard machinable deposit                         Abrasur 260
                                                                      Wipweld Mangachrom

For manufacture and maintenance of tools (turning      Abrasur 650LH
  or planing tools, milling cutters, reamer bits, etc.)  

For sugarcane mill rolls, cane knives, and other            Wipweld Sugarweld 90
  parts of sugar mill equipment