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Wiparc TD 300
RATED OUTPUT  (Amperes)    OCV Power Supply Power Output (kw/KVA) Net Weight (KGS)      
40% Duty Cycle 100% Duty Cycle          Height Length Width
300 amps 180 amps 70 220V /440V 50/60 HZ
Single  phase 
10 KW/  20 KVA 124 KGS 635  mm 700 mm 530 mm

  • Heavy duty, Compact, Sturdy Welding Equipment 
  • Enlarged Transformer conducts conductors with high temperature Class H (160 C) insulation protection against overload or heavy work demand 
  • Designed for efficient natural air convection cooling to avoid burning of coils normally caused by fan failure
  • Moving magnetic core shunt regulator allows for precise current settings to suit a wide range of welding jobs. 
  • 70 volts OCV facilitates easy striking and excellent arc stability, a must for low hydrogen electrodes.
  • Drip proof shell construction allows under-the-weather jobs. 
  • Specifically designed and tested for use in tropical countries

  • 24 months Guarantee from date of purchase against faulty workmanship
  • Lifetime service warranty