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Wipweld Bronze AC/DC

DC+ only
DESCRIPTION: An all position tin-bronze (5-7%) electrode designed for welding copper, tin and phosphor bronzes, galvanized iron, cast malleable, iron and dissimilar metals.  The electrode is easy to handle, welds with a soft arc, stable even at comparatively low current values. The beads are low and uniform with a thin easily detachable slag. Deposit is perfectly machinable.

APPLICATIONS:  Welding of copper and its alloys, galvanized iron, cast iron, malleable iron joining brass or bronze to steel; repair and build up of machine parts consisting of the forgoing metals as piston rods, gears, guides, water wheels, ship propellers, impeller blades bearings, bushings, motor end rings, valve sets, contact points, couplings, pipings, etc.

depend on the quality of the base material

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